Datastream Sample
Once the SMDR/CDR is installed or activated on PABX, the system is programmed and cabling is completed a sample datastream must be obtained and sent to Softlog.
Collecting a Sample Datastream
The sample data should NOT be obtained using HyperTerminal as this can insert erroneous characters. The Softlog utility WCLINK.EXE or a utility called PuTTy should be used and can be provided to any 3rd parties collecting data on behalf of Softlog. User Instructions can be found in the PABX Testing Checklist.docx 

DataStream Sample Requirements
The sample datastream should contain a good sample and mixture of call types, i.e., incoming, outgoing,transfer, conference, voicemail, etc. Call testing should be carried out using the “PABX Call Logging” form which is part of the “Site Preparation Checklist”. The completed form for all call types listed together with the sample datastream should be emailed to Softlog. Taking the time to make the listed calls and completing the form assists Softlog in locating each call type with the datastream and greatly assists with the design of the processing template.